Music is very amazing. It can hypnotize everyone to listen to it. It can entertain everyone when they are sad or happy. Besides, it gives many advantages to creature. They are to increase human’s intelligence, to influence creature’s life, to refresh human’s mind, and to fasten human’s recovery.

First advantage is to increase human’s intelligence. According to Mark Tramo, M.D., nervist from Harvard University, says: “Within our brain, million neurons from circuit become active because we listen to music. These neurons spread out to some places in the brain; included auditory centre in the left and right side”. It is the beginning of contact between music and intelligence.

In 1994, there was a research which was done by Fran Rauscher and Gordon Show, psychologists from California-Irvine University. They did the research to prove that there was contact among music skilled, mathematic mastered-level and science skilled. After 8 months, their research showed that children who got music education program increased their spatial intelligence 46% to children who did not get music education program.

Second advantage is to influence creature’s life. A biophysicist did a research about the influence of music to creature’s life. He used two plants which had the same type and age was located in the different place. The first one was located by speaker which gave slow rock and heavy rock, while the other one was located by speaker which gave beautiful songs and regulated rhythm nicely.

There was a loud difference between them in some days. The first plant which was located by speaker giving rock songs was died while the second one grew fresh and blossom. It was one of the real evidence that music could influence creature’s life.

Third advantage is to refresh human’s mind. Human’s mind is like human’s body. Human’s body is sometimes tired. It needs to be got a massage. After it got the massage, it can work well and properly. When human’s mind is tired, it needs to be got a massage that is music. It will make the mind fresh so it can work well and properly.

When human is bored, confused, or stressed, he or she should listen to music. By listening to music, every thought can refresh again because music can manage hormones which influence stress to somebody. Besides, music has power to influence heartbeat and blood pressure conform to its frequency, tempo, and volume. The slower music tempo the slower heartbeat and blood pressure decreases. Finally, he or she is brought to relax situation, both mind and body.

Fourth advantage is to fasten human’s recovery. It is caused by the fact that music can activate mechanism of the brain which repairs and renews network of nerve. By repairing and renewing network of nerve which is broken can make it work well and properly.

In Finland, Teppo and his team, psychologists in Cognitive Brain Research Unit of Helsinki University, did a research that music could fasten recovery of victim of stroke disease. Then, they explained that music could fasten recovery of victim of stroke disease. The research involved 60 volunteers who had already got stroke disease on middle cerebral artery in the right and left brain. Then, they were divided into become 2 groups. One of the groups listened to their either favorite music or audio book every day while the other group did not listen to music. After 3 months, the group which listened to either music or audio book showed increase verbal memory to the other group. The group which listened to music showed increase their verbal memory 60% and the group which listened to audio book showed increase their verbal memory 18%.

In conclusion, music is very amazing. It has great power within it. Consciously or unconsciously it gives many advantages to human. First, it can increase human’s intelligence. Second, it can influence creature’s life. Third, it can refresh human’s mind. Moreover, it can fasten human’s recovery.

By: Arif