I will not forget a day when I got very unlucky day. It came repeatedly. One came after the other one without stopping. It was sunny Friday. On the day, I had promise to my friend play internet. After my class was over, I went to his rent house. There, I prepared my self to do Friday-praying. After doing Friday-praying, my friend and I had lunch. Then, we went to internet rent. It was the beginning of unlucky.

We enjoyed playing internet. We downloaded some text songs. Besides, we watched movie. When we were playing internet, the electricity was out. We had to pay to the owner’s internet rent with two hours price although we had not played it for two hours. After that, we went to his rent house. There, one of my friends asked me to ride him to minibus terminal in Sepanjang.

On the way home, it was suddenly cloudy. Then, it rained. I pulled my motorcycle up and wore my rain coat. Unfortunately, there was only one rain coat so my friend did not wear rain coat. I assured him that some places had the different condition. Then, I rode much faster. Unfortunately, I got accident in the bend road.

My friend was fine but I was not fine. My finger, foot, and hand bled. Then, my friend rode me. After that, it was flood so that I had to cover my exhaust with plastic and pull the motorcycle. Some places next to that place were flood, too, so that I did the same thing like previous. When we got boulevard, we got stuck. At last, we got minibus terminal in Sepanjang. Then, he got on a minibus in the minibus terminal.

After I got home, I treated my injuries. In short time, I had to come to MWC’s convention. I had to be present because I was the president of IPNU. It was exhausting day in my life. The unlucky came to me after the other without stopping. What a day!

By: Arif