Doomsday is the last day of the world when all creatures die. There are some theories and beliefs which state that the world will end. Some of them are Prof George Ganauw’s theory, Edwin P. Hubble’s theory, and Moslem’s belief. Although they state that the world will end, they have different concepts about the ending of the world.

Prof George Ganauw says: “One day, the fuel of the sun runs out. Suddenly it shines very bright for a moment. Then, it gradually decreases until 0 Celsius”. The sun can be called extinct at times. After the sun is extinct, all galaxies, planets, and satellites are going to be frozen. In short time, all creatures are going to die.

Sun is one of the important parts of solar system. If there is trouble with it, it will give many effects to the other components of solar system. Sun is the energy source of all creatures. Humans, animals, and plants need its shine to do some activities. Without its shine, their -activities can not be done. It influences their life. They can die without getting its shine.

Prof George Ganauw’s theory became more popular in 1973. It was caused by the appearing of black spots in the sun. Astronomists from USA researched about this case. They said that these black spots came from sun elements which were extinct. They were caused by the decrease of the sun temperature from 6.000 C to 5994 C. This event ensured people that one day, the sun would be extinct.

Prof. George Ganauw’s theory is different from Edwin P. Hubble’s theory. Edwin P. Hubble said that the skies held galaxies which contained stars, galaxies, and satellites; their movements expanded. With the expansion of the movements, all galaxies which contained billion stars, planets, and satellites would explode when the time came. It was the end of the world.

The explosion of galaxies is a natural process. It is not queer event. They destroy them selves. It is caused by every expansion of galaxies’ movements for million years which must lose the natural power energy. The natural power energy which becomes weaker fades axis energy. Then, it is uncontrolled and destroyed.

The explosion of the galaxies is like broken bracelet rubber. For instance, someone tows bracelet rubber. It will break when it reaches the maximum of its elasticity. When the galaxies reach the maximum of their expansion, they will explode, too; stars, planets, and satellites will burst and destroy.

Meanwhile Moslem’s belief, universe bursts and destroys because of last trumpet. There are three last trumpets. The first trumpet is called “Rajifah”. At Rajifah, all creatures are surprised and scared. The second trumpet is called “Radifah”. At Radifah, all creatures are died. The third trumpet is resurrection blowing.

The first trumpet is a blowing which is surprising and scaring all creatures. At times, they are surprised by something tremendous. Mountains are destroyed. All children became old people. Women who are pregnant get miscarriage. These events are shown to infidels in order they know grandeur of God.

At second trumpet, all creatures will die except some angels. They are Jibril, Mikail, Israfil, and Israil. They will die after the other creatures die. At times, no one can avoid from death. No one can help escaping from the death. On the day, it is really a day when the world ends.

No one knows exactly when the world will end. Humans only endeavor to find out how the world will end. Times will prove whether it is correct or not. Everything is up to god. God only knows.

By: Arif