Once upon a time, there was Picollo. He was a lord of forest. He had lived in the forest since he was a child. He was a giant with green body and en eye on his forehead. He was a member of Buto Ijo’s family who was fond of human flesh.

One day, Prince Songohan wanted to hunt in a forest. He went there with a few guards. He hunted in Picollo’s forest. Unfortunately, while they were hunting deer, they were encountering Picollo. Then, Picollo arrested them.

Picollo brought them to his headquarters. He put them to his cage. Picollo says: “I’ll eat you ha… ha… ha… You seem the leader. What’s your name?” Songohan says: “I am No one.” Then, he tried to make the time longer. He gave Picollo his food and drink. He gave rum to him until he drank.

While Picollo was sleeping, the prince was releasing his guards. They planned how they could escape and Picollo could not arrest them any more. Finally, they decided that they would hurt Picollo’s eye so that he could not see any more and arrest them anymore. Then, the prince and his guards shot their arrow to Picollo’s eye and they escaped as soon as possible.

Picollo moaned in pain loudly. His moan caused his family to come to him. A member of his family asks: “Who hurts you?” Picollo replies: “No one hurts me.” It sounded that there was no one hurt him so his family went back. Picollo got mad and threw stone, wood, and everything, which he could throw to prince and his guards. He thought that it might hurt them, where as in fact the prince and his guards had gone away.

By: Arif