CPU is the abbreviation of Central Processing Unit. It takes important part from computer. It consists of some hardwares inside it. They have important role in operating computer. They will not work properly if the assembling is not correct. Moreover, they will not work. This essay is going to tell you the way to assemble CPU well and properly.

Firstly, you need to prepare tool and hardwares. The tool is philips screw driver. The hardwares are tower casing, mother board, processor, processor’s fan, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Floppy Disk drive (FDD), Optical Disk, Power Supply, RAM (Random Access Memory), VGA card, sound card, HDD’s cable, optical disk’s cable, FDD’s cable, and bolts.

Secondly, you will assemble some hardwares out side the casing. It is caused by some hardwares easy to be assembled out side the casing. They are mother board, processor, processor’s fan, and RAM. First, take mother board and put it on the floor or flat and hard place. Putting mother board on the unflat place will give broken to it if you assemble some hardwares.

Next, open the processor’s catch on which is the socket of the processor. After that, assemble the processor on its socket. When you assemble the processor, you must pay attention to the position of processor’s pin. If you do improperly on assembling the processor’s pin, you will cause some destructions to the processor’s pin such as the processor’s pin breaks or the processor is burnt. After you assemble the processor, you must lock the processor with processor’s catch.

The next step is to assemble the processor’s fan. Put it on the processor. Then, you must tighten it with some bolts in order it is still on its place. After that, plug in cable of processor’s fan on the mother board. The assembling of processor’s fan is purposed to freeze the processor in order processor on the normal temperature so that it can work well.

After you assemble the processor’s fan, you assemble RAM. Put it on the memory slot. Then, press it until two lockers of memory slot lock the RAM. If the RAM cannot plug in the memory slot, you must do mistake. You must put it right side left.

Thirdly, you will assemble the other hardwares inside casing. First, get ready with the tower casing. Second, open one side of casing. Third, place the mother board on which there are some hardwares in the casing. When you are assembling the mother board, you must pay attention to the back part of mother board so that it is assembled on the right position. Then, tighten it with some bolts.

After assembling the mother board in the casing, you assemble VGA card on the AGP. Then, tighten it with bolt. After that, you assemble sound card on PCI. Then tighten it with bolt.

Next, release the cap of front part casing. Then, enter the optical disk from front of casing. After that, tighten it with some bolts. Then, plug in optical disk’s cable in both IDE 2 port and optical disk. Next, assemble HDD in the casing. Then, tighten it with some bolts. After that, plug in HDD’s cable in both IDE 1 port and HDD.

Next, you assemble FDD in the casing. It is above the HDD. Tighten it with some bolts. Then, plug in FDD’s cable in both FDD port and FDD. After that, assemble the power supply. Then, tighten it with some bolts. The power cables of power supply must be plugged in some hardwares. They are mother board, HDD, FDD, and optical disk so you must plug in to them.

Next, there are some cables which relate with buttons of casing. You assemble them in the panel of mother board. There are some names on the panel. You match the cables with its names. After that, you plug them in correctly. Then, assemble the side part of casing. Now, it is ready to be used.

By: Arif